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Getting Prime on FreeView

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There is a petition in progress to try to achieve this.


The following post is from the Freeviewshop Forum and includes a link to the petition site;




Hi Guys,




I'm new here, but was advised to sign up by Lars at the Freeviewshop to tell you about my petition to get Sky TV to
put Prime on FreeView




I set up the petition less than 24 hours ago and already well over 100 people have signed it. I think if we all get behind this, we have a real chance of bending Sky's ear.




If you think you'd like to support this idea, you are welcome to




If you'd like to share this with friends and family, the link is




I'm committed to getting support for this any way possible and will personally be seeing this through, even if it means actually knocking on Sky's door myself.




Best regards,


Bill Ruys.



Please support this petition.


BTW, I'm not Bill.

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The government (owner of TVNZ) mandated that those channels had to be available on Sky. Thus losing the bargaining chip that Freeview had.

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Using GBPVR my tuner switches to analog, i get the EPG from :




and 1 touch record...


Prime will have to be on Free-to-air by 2015 (digital cutoff). Whats strange is Sky talk some really weird talk, they say they must meet 'international' requirement to prevent licensed material spreading via satellite to other countries (ie. have to encoded their Sky Digital signal of Prime FTA? Yet TVNZ don't?????) but it seems an Australian would need a very large Satellite Disc to receive the signal (incidentally we can receive Australian Satellite signal spread in NZ...)

Then they quote amazing prices to play their SD channel on Freeview, which of course Freeview wish they could get that sort of money ($2-3 million).


Sky are scared of losing customers - this is the real reason


I watch Top Gear (skip the adverts as I record it) on Prime, that's it. All I want from Sky is a Crusaders/Canterbury (one eyed) rugby match per week, guess that's why I gave it back...


Bluray film anyone?

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Mr Fellet placed Prime’s transition costs if it moved onto the Freeview platform at approximately $3.3 million. This includes $200,000 annual service fee, $1.62 million on HD transmission and linking costs through Kordia, and another $1.5 million on upgrading infrastructure.




But Prime doesn’t have to go to HD to get on Freeview; it’s already transmitted as a digital signal. The annual service fee of $200,000 dollars, plus Kordia's linking and other distribution costs, would hardly trouble Sky’s books.




"If we got government assisted funding to set it up, like TV Works and TVNZ did, then we'd be on there now," Tony O'Brien of Sky TV said.



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It erks me that as a NZ superannuitant I simply cannot afford to subscribe to Sky (not that I miss it - I subscribed for 10 years and by the end I could only find 2 or 3 programmes a week worth watching) (I never subscribed to the Movie channels!) and as such I cannot watch my national sport live. My saviour was watching the delayed telecast on Friday nights on Prime, but now being in a poor reception area I can only receive Freeview satellite - so no Prime and no rugby. Great reward for 45 years of toil.

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Hi Sub. Getting a bit off topic, but if your house can't receive UHF Prime then Sky should supply you a Sky receiver set to only receive Prime via satellite with NO monthly charges.


We have done this. It cost us around $150 to have it installed, as we had no satellite dish, but if you already have a dish for Freeview then with the help of a splitter, you might be able to get the installation for significantly less or nothing. I understand this service is part of Sky's obligation to provide Prime as free-to-air coverage.


Back to topic, like many of the rest of you I eagerly await Prime being added to the list of Freeview channels.

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Hey, great tip Hopeful! We had multiroom but canceled it, leaving us a spare sky receiver (they haven't collected it after well over a month). Mind you, we still have Prime down the other end of the house on HDi, so they may not be too sympathetic :) Looks like Prime will be on Freeview soon anyway.

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I wonder if Prime would be an improvement on DVB-S. Freeview picture quality is absolutely awful now: worse than analogue over-the-air. I noticed that there are now four TV1 feeds, and all of them are pixellated and nearly unwatchable, and TV3 has taken a hit as well since +1 started. I will have to bite the bullet and get a DVB-T box if this is what we can expect from satellite moving forward!

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A cynic might suspect that the picture quality of DVB-S has been deliberately degraded to make DVB-T look good.


DVB-S was stunning when I first got an STB 18 months ago, so it's very dissapointing to see the poor quality of current broadcasts.


Last weekend I had a look at DVB-T on a Samsung LA52A850 LCD screen, and was gobsmacked at the detail.


But Oamaru isn't going to be getting HD anytime soon. FFF:mad:

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sooo.. im not the only one who has experienced this awful pixellated signal on my tv. i thought my eyes were being funny. so is this awful reception will be a trademark of dvb-s quality now ? is the only way of getting good pic quality is through dvb-t now ?

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