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Logitech Squeezebox Boom on 1-day

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bazzer;112392 wrote:
Are these any good? Probably just for use as a bedside alarm clock/(internet) radio? I have speakers in the lounge, dining/kitchen and deck so I'm not sure I'll use it anywhere else. Maybe in the study or to move to the other bedrooms etc as required.


I think they are great. I use mine as a bedside alarm clock, waking up to Internet radio. Good for the shed/garage too.

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tamarillo;112451 wrote:
but can I plug an ipod into this thing? have been wanting a reasonable machone to have at girlfreinds cause her's is rubbish. But though I love idea of internet radio and could have some stuff on my laptop I have most need to play my ipod even if I need a wire.


Well, yes you can - there is a minijack input on the rear of the Boom next to the subwoofer output.

But why would you, just configure the Squeezebox Server software to link to the Itunes library on your Mac or PC and all the music will be available to you wirelessly (or cabled ethernet).

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yes nixon you are right. I have my house, am away in motels one week in three, and am often at hers - which means my stereo is not in front of me all that much and don't muck about with laptop at hers. Ipod works as it is with me whenever I am not home but so far every ipod player I heard was horrible.

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