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MySkyHDI IR receiver?

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Moved up from MySky SD to the HD flavour.


Very odd though as the remote is the same for the HD unit, which is what I set our MX500 up from to operate the original MySky. The SkyHD box must be on a different wavelength as the MX500 can't operate it even though the MX500 can 'learn' from the Sky remote.


Are there different implementations of IR?


What Universal remotes are people using?


PS: What are you doing for HD Video? currently set to Auto.


MX500 Link http://www.remotecentral.com/mx500/index.html

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Yeah the HDi IR receiver doesn't seem to be as good as the old My Sky box, you need a very direct path to get it to do anything.


Auto upscale is the most practical as otherwise it will take forever to switch channels between an HD and SD channel.

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