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Crazy mad scientist 2Ch and HT Setups

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JonC;89617 wrote:
Loving the setup James.


My main concern with such a setup would be induced noise from the components in the analog components. Hopefully those components are all well shielded. I think most of the noise would be out of the audible domain anyway though.


Yeah, that's a good point. If I had more space I'd get another rack and distribute the components with a lot more space between them.

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Now back to the Mad Mad Frothing Mad Scientist Setups (insert Christopher Llyod from Back To The Future Here! :D)

When I was working at HN 4-5 years ago. We aquired a pair of Wharfedale Opus 1s to demonstrate. Now the problem was we didn't really have anything decent to test them out on (being HN and all). So me and a fellow slacker grabbed the top of the tree Onkyo AV Amp we had at the time (I think it was a 900 series something). Now what we did was put it into direct 2 chanel mode. On that amp was a feature which also allowed replication of those two channels across all 6 channels. It was a dedicated mode used for a party when you wanted even sound all around the room. Now what WE did was use those resulting channels to Tri-Amp the Opus's to squeeze every last drop of power out of the Onkyo.

It took alot of mucking around to work out which channel went where but we got there in the end!

Finally we dropped in a Pioneer 969 Universal Disc player (I think, it was the Gold one with iLink out) and hooked up with some RCA cable (all cable was of course Monster :rolleyes:

We put all the techno/dance/R&B we could find (Chemical Brothers - Surrender being a highlight.)

Well to this date it was the best sound I have heard from a big box store in 2ch - and we sold a few Opus off that setup - We even had a Technics SL1200 Deck hooked up later on! ....... OK you guys can commence vommiting now!

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