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Acoustic Solid TT Questions

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Hey SNAers,


I have recently bought an Acoustic Solid Classic Wood Black, with the intention of marrying it up with an Origin Live Zephyr tonearm....


I now need to rectify some of the missing links in the gear as procured.


I first need to work out the best way to create or purchase a new belt, as the ones in the box were both DOA. (I have just tied a knot in one to test it all works... but a bit 'clicky' on every rotation.


I also need to work out the best way to attach the tonearm to the "puck" as the existing mounting hole is 30mm or so, whilst the Zephyr needs to be much closer to 23-24mm. Sound-wise I am interested to know if I should have a new arm board (puck) crafted from Alu or Acrylic, or if an acrylic 'washer' is an option... or even a metal washer from bunnings??? really unsure what the best sounding way might be. Heck, someone may even be able to create a better threaded VTA widgit for me.... I just dont know???


Anyway, advice, guidance, experience and help are all accepted with open ears.



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I’m not familiar with the model of turntable you have, but when it comes to the sonics, the only way you will know which material to use as an arm mounting base is to try and see. The combo of turntable, arm, cartridge, phono stage, cables, etc, and your preference in the sound, will determine whether, alu, acrylic, or whatever is the choice. If you are inclined to experiment, that’s the best way by trying different materials. Origin Live arms are generally very good, so with the right cartridge you should be able to get a great result.


I don’t know if there is an importer for Acoustic Solid in Australia, but in any case, some searching on the web should help you get hold of spare drive belts fairly easily, either from the manufacturer themselves, or a dealer overseas.


By the way, some pictures might help too. I noticed from pictures I’ve seen of your turntable on the web, it appears the motor is free standing, so I would have thought a stretched belt could be adjusted for by moving the motor position accordingly.   Or maybe your belts were snapped? But as I mentioned, I’m not familiar with the ins and outs of your model.


Good luck with your project.

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Guest Mr Thorens

I previously owned an AS turntable.  To deal with the arm mount you could get an internal collar made to reduce the diameter of the hole , made up from a local engineering shop. There should already be a grub screw and this will then need to be a bit longer to insert through the collar to hold the arm in place. 


As for the belt, the local distributor is Absolute Hiend and Boris should be able to obtain a belt for you.  


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Here is a picture showing the arm mount collar that was created for me.
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