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SOLD: FS: Thor PS-10 Power Conditioner and A12 Smart Board

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Item: Thor PS-10 Power Conditioner and A12 Smart Board
Location: Melbourne Inner East
Price:  $600; SNA donation on completion of sale
Item Condition: good
Reason for selling: NLR
Payment Method: Pickup with cash.

Extra Info: 




This Australian made power conditioner with under/over voltage stabilization has a RRP of $2K.  Purchased it used from someone who bought it second hand but stored it for a few years without using it.  It is probably 5/6 years old.  I used it for 6 months, in perfect working order and it can be fun (or alarming) to see how much the voltage varies.  Included is the A12 Smart Board (some bits floating inside, no impact on performance).


No packaging and prefer pickup only.  However, if there are no local buyers, will find a carton and ship them at buyer’s expense  (note: it is heavy).




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i recently purchased this combo and it actually does pretty good.


i connected my JLTi Modded oppo 105 to it and a Cypher Labs Tube Pre Amp and i reckon it improved the soundstage.


i can inform you that it definitely does not not make the sound any worse.


these seem to get a bit of a bad rap sometimes around here, no idea why, simply great for non-amperage draining devices.


concluding, am i not willing to disconnect the Thor Power Station unless i upgrade to the PS Audio p5 or p10, so it must be working and doing something good.



furthermore, i have the tv connected, and there is no flickering when my awesome 70's Hoover voltage draining washing machine is running, the Thor power station has regulated and cleaned the power.


If i ever get a PS Audio P5 or P10, i will never sell the Thor, i will keep it for the TV




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