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Step up from AT95VL to VM95ML

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My new AT95ML arrived today,  so I took a few photos, including a microscope shot of the diamond.  I'll include them at the end of this post.


The AT95VL was in a nice headshell on one of my SME3009 tonearms, and I wanted to use the same headshell (so the only thing changing in my system is the cart itself), so I removed the AT95 and installed the VM95.  Much easier to handle with the captive screws btw.     I put it back in the arm and did the alignment - also easy because of the SME3009 tonearm sliding pivot point arrangement.  I set the tracking weight initially at the heavy end 2.2g.   When playing the first track I noticed how low it was sitting.  The collet for the headshell connector on the end of the tonearm was almost touching the raised record edge.  I backed off the vtf to 2 grams, but it was still sitting too low, so I had to find the allen key set and raise the pillar on the SME tonearm.  


So, first record, the Sheffield Lab box set "The Moscow Sessions"   - a good test I think as the first side ends with the beautiful build up to the "Winfield theme" from Tchaikovsky's 5th.   The busy ending is a good test for the cartridge's ability to extract detail.  Now I know things should be allowed a breakin period, but wow, just wow, ...this thing is singing from the start.  Nice even full range sound from bass to highs.  It has even more detail than the AT95VL - the edge on the brass blatting out those bigger notes.  Might rave about it more later after it settles in  :) 


Look at this beautiful microline diamond cut...









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9 hours ago, nkoulban said:

A very nice cart, congrats on the new acquisition.  I have a AT Microline cart and it sings.


thanks    the funny thing is, a few carts ago I had an AT440MLa and it never impressed me the way this one does despite having a very similar ML diamond.

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