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SOLD: FS: Complete Projector + 9.2 Theatre Room Setup for sale - various brands etc

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Item:  Complete Projector/ 9.2 Theatre Room Setup for sale
Location: Morayfield or Taigum Brisbane, QLD
Price: 4500 ONO
Item Condition: Varies depending on the item - most in great condition
Reason for selling: Sold house and will not fit in new home
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only
Extra Info: See below for complete list of goods.
Klipsch RF35 Floorstanders x 2 
Klipsch RC35 centre speaker
Klipsch RS42 surrorund speakers x  2 
Klipsch RS10 surround speakers x 2  
Yamaha YST SW800 subwoofers x 2  
Yamaha bookshelf speakers x 2 
Denon X4000 includes Audyssey microphone 
Rotel RMB1066 amplifier (6 channel) 
Dayton Audio SA230 amplifier 
Aura bass shakers x 4
JVC HD1 Projector. Includes ceiling mount, decent hours left on bulb. 
LP Morgan Novares  Hi Resolution 120" 16:9 screen 
4 seat theatre couch (2 recliners) and foot stool. 
Various cables, stands, speaker mounts etc. bits and bobs - you can have it all!
Note that main speaker cable is not included (it is all internally run in the walls/ceiling etc. and I will not be removing them from the house!).
All stock remotes for the equipment provided
Unfortunately the new owners of the house I just sold have pulled out of buying the gear at the last moment, so it has to go as it won't fit my current home.
The pictures included are just general shots of my room and the gear in place, I will be pulling the room apart this weekend, and will take individual shots of the gear as I go. Note that the RS 42 units are not shown in the mounted pictures, they were taken down as I was not going to include them in the sale of the room.
Off memory I have the box and manual for the Denon and the LP screen, but most other gear I have purchased 2nd hand over the years (from the DTV forum etc.) and don't have the original boxes. I can assist with some boxes for transport etc.
I would prefer to sell it all in one go and a local sale of course, but i am open to offers (PM only thanks). If something interest you, then let me know and we can work it out with freight etc. (PM only thanks)
The screen is currently setup but can be dismantled upon sale for transport (unless you are local and have a big truck to take it in!).
Any questions etc. let me know! 
Apologies for the bad photos, photography is not one of my strong points!













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Thanks Sands, I hope you are doing well! It was mostly put together on the back of recommendations and the from the community here (well DTV to be precise) and it's served me well for many years and has never let me down or failed to impress. I'm tempted to keep the butt kickers and amp to use with my new lounge room, where most  games and movies will be played/watched with headphones... :( But I've already had a few PM's about the gear. and most of it has been for the shaker setup so I don't think it will last long if I sell them separate..



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i am one of those that pm ed about the shakers/amp. my 2cents.. keep them as you will kick yourself the first time you dont have them. in fact you will have to have someone else kick you just to remind you of what you are missing haha

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Ha mate, I know I will miss them but I will ave no use for them in the new place, all I have for game/movie duties is a 65" screen and a small soundbar - and I'm not allowed to mount the shakers to the new lounge suite in anycase :(

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