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FS: HiVi / Swan drivers

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Item: 2 x HiVi / Swan drivers
Location: VIC 3122
Price: $65 for both or individual prices as marked below
Item Condition: Good
Reason for selling: NLR - abandoned DIY project
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only
Extra Info: 

Bought from Jaycar around 6 years ago as DIY project.  Sold the 2 x D6G drivers I had advertised previously. 

Hooked up to cross-overs and front baffle only to test - have only been run-in for around 1hr max.
Still have 1 x D5G and 1 x B4N drivers for sale which were bought as part of a 3-way centre speaker project.


Prices as follows:

- 1 x HiVi D5G (Jaycar CW2152) 5"midrange: $50

Info sheet: http://www.swanspeaker.com/product/htm/view.asp?id=61


- 1 x HiVi B4N (Jaycar CW2151) 4" cone midrange: $30

Info sheet: http://www.swanspeaker.com/product/htm/view.asp?id=53 






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