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FS: Trigon Advance Phono Amplifier (Black)

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Item: Trigon Advance Phono Amplifier (Black)

Location: Melbourne (3148)

Price: $1050 (RRP $1,990) i.e. almost $950 of saving + postage

Item Condition: Used (Pristine)

Reason for selling: Upgrade

Payment Method: Pickup, Paypal (add 3% if not paying as friend)

Extra Info:



Trigon Advance is made in Germany. This sublime phono stage has an awesome sound stage and awe-inspiring detail. What makes it super special, is the accumulator technology, which works like a power generator/battery backup, providing a clear and neutral sound. Before purchasing the Trigon from Class A Audio in Jan 2018, I made an extensive comparison with various other phono stages in the same price range viz. Rega Aria, Music Fidelity Mx-Vinyl, Soundsmith MCP2. To tell you the truth, the Trigon made the Rega sound like a toy, the Mx-Vinyl and MCP2 though very musical lacked the oomph and detail of the Trigon. I would put the Trigon against the Cyrus Phono Signature + PSX-R₂ combination, that retails for almost twice the price of the Trigon.


Following is a video link of Trigon v/s Rega - 


This is a very reluctant sale but I have no use of it, since I have moved to the Canary MCP-10. 


I don't have the original boxes, but can pack it properly for interstate buyers. 


For more information please refer to the manufacturers website - 





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