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WTB: RCA interconnects ($200 - $350)

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Presuming this thread is not just stirring the pot...... what values of capacitance, impedance and inductance are you looking for ?

Or is that irrelevant ?

All very good questions, for which I have no answers.


I suspect you are pointing out that I am purely relying on price as an indication of quality and potential improvement in SQ, and you would be correct if that was your assumption.


You have inadvertently convinced me that I have no place in spending high amounts of money (for me this is high) on items for which I do not understand or for which I am susceptible to marketing fable.


That’s a round about way of saying thank you, and that I am no longer actively chasing unicorns.


[drops mic]


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If you are looking for a Low capacitance cable to put between a TT and Phono pre, I found the Blue Jeans LC-1 to be very good and once again not expensive. Pre- loved anti-cables are nice too.

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