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FS: WyWires Blue Biwire speaker cable 1.8m

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Item: WyWires blue Biwire speaker cable 1.8m
Location: Melbourne
Price: $700
Item Condition: Very good.
Reason for selling: Upgraded
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, EFT, Bitcoin, delivery can be arranged.
Extra Info: These are custom made biwire speaker cables made with spades at the amp end and bananas at the speaker end. The second sets of terminals at the speaker end have an extra 50cm of length to allow for widely spaced speaker terminals. These are fantastic sounding neutral open airy speaker cables made out of litz wire with a generous overall 9 gauge wire so they have a powerful bottom end and great bass control as well as an extended liquid clear top end with no glare. They are also quite flexible and very easy to work with. I have the original certificate of authentication as well. They have won product-of-the-year awards in years passed.


Info page: http://www.wywires.com/speaker-cables/

Reviews: http://www.wywires.com/reviews-accolades/


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These are great cables which are a bit under the radar. I borrowed them for a few weeks and loved them.  I listen to a lot of acoustic music and these have a beautifully resolved and organic tone. Instruments are reproduced with full, natural body and presence and sound like gut, leather and wood - especially with chamber, piano, strings of all kinds, saxophone, male and female voice.

Definitely worth a listen.

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