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ETI Q Reference Top of the range Speaker Cables 3m

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Item: ETI Q Reference Speaker Cables (2 x 3metres)

Location: Melbourne
Price: $1500 for quick sale ($10k new)
Item Condition: In working order
Reason for selling: Need longer cable
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
 Extra Info:
This is the reference loudspeaker cable from ETI Eichmann.  The new price in Europe was 7,475 Euros and selling last month for 1,750 Euros  2nd hand (see advertisement below).  They get rave reviews:

“ETI cables present a very black background against which music emerged with ease, clarity and flow. There may be something to this ‘ground nulling circuitry’ biz. My cable collection seems to constantly proliferate so there were plenty of contenders for comparison purposes. The ETI cables shone for their utter transparency and strict neutrality. There were no embellishments nor imbalances that would reveal or expose certain frequency anomalies. Music just flowed unimpeded, unedited and unsoiled.”

There are 5 models in the range with the Q Reference at the pinnacle:


The hand-wound 99.99% solid silver ground conductor uses what ETI calls ‘Ground Nulling Circuitry’ (GnC). Keith Eichmann’s research has produced a proprietary Ground Nulling Circuit (GnC™) which actively works to maintain a quiescent zero Voltage state across the ground, protecting the signal conductor from ground induced capacitance and inductance. This facilitates smooth uninterrupted signal flow from one component to another, effectively isolates them and allows them to perform their tasks without interference. With each higher model in the range, the GnC™ grows in size, complexity, and sophistication.

I need longer cables with my new speakers needing to be further out from the wall. The black bayonet plug on the speaker ends are slightly bent but work fine and do not affect the sound quality, so I am selling at half what I was originally going to post these at. 





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