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Chipper tonight

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I had a grand moment late last year,  after assembling a small nearfield study system of some quality, sourced from the noble SNA community.  With a Chord Hugo TT a most valued and revealing part of that.  January saw the lights go out (well, apart from a lone white inner LED not explained in the manual).  You roll the dice with electronic stuff, I know, and the DAC had been through a few hands.  It worked like a dream until then (to own a Hugo TT was beyond expectation, given the watchful eye of the financial controller), and I was most thankful to the early owners to have contributed to the depreciation. So off it went to the local hi fi shop in mid Jan (thankfully a Chord dealer).  Then the fuss and bother re whether it would be sent to UK for assessment etc. etc.  Here I was setting sights on an emergency purchase of Groß DAC if the quote for repair seemed to be an attempt to build national credit to soften the blow of Brexit (in whichever form). So today a ?worthy message - for  '00s, not '000s, they will "manufacture a replacement board".  Now, I don't know whether there is a massive manufacturing volume for a clearly deleted product for a version that they now sell in sub-Saharan Africa and within which they will toss the order, and this is just a good marketing spin.  But I doubt it. And it seems a small price to pay to have that great quality DAC back, and with a level of attentiveness one does not come to expect much these days in the world of customer service.  Happy camper, signing off.

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