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FS: Samsung Soundbar Deals HW-MS650 and HW-N550


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Item: Samsung Soundbar Deals HW-MS650 and HW-N550
Location: Sydney - Free Shipping Australia Wide
Price:  HW-MS650 - $389 and HW-N550 - $369
Item Condition: Brand New Stock
Reason for selling: Special Bulk Purchase Price
Payment Method: Credit Card, Zip Interest Free, Paypal, Bank Transfr
Extra Info:

Can be purchased directly from our site, with this pricing it makes them a no brainer to add to your TV.



RRP $799 - Sale Price $389


RRP $699 - Sale Price $349






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O bugger. How are you finding it?
I bought it to help me listen to speech. Too many years of work as a fitter has dulled the hearing. Does that well, and has surprisingly decent bass for the size of the bar. But has its limitations.
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On 12/03/2019 at 12:56 PM, CustomHT said:

Anyone else interested in this deal on the HW-MS650 or HW-N550?


As it must end tomorrow, as the current rebate from Samsung is due to end.



All good, Samsung has extended the deal to the end of the month. Plenty of stock left.

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