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SOLD: FS: Upgraded Quad 405-2

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Item: Upgraded Quad 405-2
Location: Perth
Price: $800 ($20 SNA Donation)
Item Condition: Used
Reason for selling: I absolutely love the Quad but I managed to recently pick up a Perreaux 5150b power amp to match my Perreaux preamp.
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal
Extra Info:


$686 spent on upgrading this beauty. Sounds phenomenal and all upgrade work listed below  (Job card also pictured)
Check this review out: http://liquidaudio.com.au/quad-405-power-amplifier-review/

100 watts per channel, into 8 ohms


Inspect, service, restore and upgrade Quad 405-2, as required.
capacitor. For each amplifier module: removed and replaced all but one electrolytic capacitor
Inspected unit; disassembled to chassis level. Removed all old heatsink compound; applied
thermal paste to diode bridge; removed old filter capacitors and installed high-capacity, long life parts. Installed film bypass capacitors on filters. Installed RCA jacks and mains supression

Cleaners, thermal paste, miscellaneous chem.
2 x gold-plated panel-mount RCA connectors
4 x high-power output transistors (two-hand matched pairs)
2 x premium 8 pin sockets
2 x OPA604 op amps
2 x lab-grade 18,000 uF filter capacitors
2 x mil-spec 1% Silver Mica capacitors
8 x premium small electrolytic capacitors
with premium types; installed MUSE input capacitor, bypassed with MKP cap; removed old out�put devices; installed matched pair of output devices per module, on silicone thermal pads;
installed Burr Brown op amps in gold-plated sockets; defluxed boards, cleaned fuses, cleaned and retorqued chassis fasteners. Reinstalled modules with fresh thermal paste; reassembled
and cleaned unit. Installed four rubber feet. Tested unit, no faults found. (5.5 hrs)

2 x MUSE premium audio capacitors
4 x rubber feet
1 x premium X-rated mains suppression capacitor
4 x terminal solder tags
4 x silicone thermal pad
4 x premium film capacitors
2 x mil-spec 1% MKS polystyrene capacitors

2 x mil-spec 1% Silver Mica Capacitors
8 x premium small electrolytic capacitors
2 x MUSE premium audio capacitors

4 x rubber feet
2 x gold-plated panel mount RCA connectors

1 x premium x-rated mains suppression capacitor

4 x terminal solder tags

$_20 (1).JPG

$_20 (2).JPG

$_20 (3).JPG

$_20 (4).JPG

$_20 (5).JPG


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