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FS: REL R218 Subwoofer

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Item: REL R218 Subwoofer 
Location: Bellfield, Victoria 
Price: $850 pickup (RRP$1599)
Item Condition: 7/10 rated conservatively due to some cosmetic blemishes, see last 2 pictures. Some light swirling on the top due to mirror black finish almost impossible to keep perfect. Flash photography makes the swirls look worse than they actually are. 
Reason for selling: No longer required, was paired with with small active Genelec monitors which I am selling as well. 
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal
Extra Info: Original RRP$1599. Comes with an Au power cable, REL's high level input cable as well as a set of adjustable spikes. Integrates really easily with speakers through the high level input. What I personally found amazing about the REL subs is not only the additional low end punch they add, but they widen & deepen the soundstage as well. Definitely not something I was expecting when I first set them up but in time it was what I appreciated most about them. Tried them both with my Genelec 8020B as well as my Dynaudio Confidence C1 IIs. Pickup only at this point due to discarding the original box in a move, but if you really want me to ship I can always get a shipping quote for you. Would prefer local pickup though. 


Received the Editor's Choice award from Absolute Sound. HIfi+ Review linked below:










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I have the same sub and the same sentiments. It fleshes out the bottom end considerably and at the same time creates more space for the top end to shine in. It's way more than just "doof".

These subs integrate into 2 channel systems seamlessly and easily with the high level input connection.

I wish I had bought mine sooner.

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