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SOLD: FS: WBT-0645 cu Classic Banana plug with Safety-Pin, angled - (4 pcs)

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Item: WBT-0645 cu Classic Banana plug with Safety-Pin, angled - (4 pcs)
Location: Sydney
Price: $70 plus postage
Item Condition: Sydney Used - Some slight cracking of the Makrolon insulation covers. Some slight oxidisation at the top of the spindle screw. (See Photos)
Reason for selling: NLR
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, PayID or Bank Transfer
Extra Info:

The WBT-0645 is fully insulated and exerts a high clamping force by means of the expandable centre spike which can be activated by screwing the spindle inwards. In this way a firm fixing of the plug and a continually high contact pressure are guaranteed. The clamping force and high copper content of the alloy give the WBT-0645 a high conductivity and precise signal transmission.


The WBT-0645 is extremely compact and simultaneously cable friendly since the slope of the cable leads to the ground without kinking. The WBT-0645 is stackable for bi-wiring if required. The back of the spindle is designed so that a further WBT-0645 can be inserted into it.


The WBT-0645 is designed for the crimp connection technique. The two designated Torx screws (T.6) provide, with their special fine thread, for a durable connection of the crimped cable end, as well as a reliable strain relief. Connector can accommodate a cable diameter size of 10mm² / 8 AWG.












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