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SOLD: FS: Lehmann Audio Black Cube Statement MM/MC Phono Pre-Amp

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Item: Lehmann Audio Black Cube Statement MM/MC Phono Pre-Amp
Location: Perth
Price: $350
Item Condition: As new
Reason for selling: Upgraded to Lehmann Audio Decade, then Silver Cube
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer (postage is extra please enquire)
Extra Info:

- Dramatically Improve your vinyl listening experience
- Audiophile quality phono stage
- Suit ANY turntable or MM/MC cartridge
- Made in Germany
- Comes with all original paperwork and manuals
- See YOUTUBE review here


The Black Cube Statement will impress you – no matter if you are a newbie to the high-end sector or a returner. The use of highquality long-life components from selected manufacturers (like Burr Brown e.g.) is self-evident. The Black Cube Statement will bring you the captivating magic of analogue reproduction.
The Black Cube Statement can handle all common cartridges on the market, from high-output MM to MC. Practice-oriented MC impedances are directly selectable. In addition each channel features a slot for the solder-free plug-in of a custom impedance.
Due to its modest dimensions the Black Cube Statement can be placed very close to the turntable which will minimise possible losses resulting from cable lengths. The enclosure of the audio section is made of a non-magnetic material (aluminium) and the cover lid is mechanically dampened.

‘We were very taken by this little amp, especially with a moving magnet cartridge as source. Its sound is open and quick with very good insight and also excellent extension at both frequency extremes, and its lack of hum and low noise level are also welcome.’ HI-FI CHOICe/03 2007 

Black Cube Statement.jpg

black cube underside.jpg


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