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SOLD: FS: Denon DVD5000/Stand alone PCM1704 DAC

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Item: Denon DVD5000/Stand alone PCM1704 DAC
Location: Burwood, NSW, 234
rice: $350
Item Condition: 8.5/10
Reason for selling: Not in used anymore
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash,  COD Only
Extra Info:

What I like from this DVD player is it can work as a stand alone DAC, it has PCM704 dac chip on it.

The CD player it self is very picky and sensitive, have to be 100% physical CD condition to work properly, no skipping

This unit will suite someone who looking for a DAC rather then a DVD/CD player


Very solid feel and heavy

No remote

I think it will be hard to find a better sound quality for asked price

Will put priority for local pick up










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Wow,  The Denon DVD5000.  My dream of the day.  I'm actually selling my DVD-A1.  I noticed yours is sensitive to playing CD's.  Mine has a intermittent fault were it refuses/can't lock on to a CD/DVD when first loaded. Requires up to 4 ope/closes before it finally clicks then plays faultlessly for the entire CD.  DVD's are less likely to play.  Must have been a common fault in this era of Denon DVD.  I bought two DVD-A1's @ $5,700ea at the exact same time and both had the same fault.  I enquired about fixing mine and it involved a new laser assembly for $600 x 2.

Regardless of the fault when it does play the quality of the sound is sensational, and the build quality, apart from the faulty Toshiba CD drive, is sensational..


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