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Harold and Maude

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The late director Hal Ashby created two of my most watched & loved films, 'Being There' (one of Peter Sellers best, and I believe his last movie in 1979), and 'Harold and Maude' (1971).


Although it would be great to get your options on 'Being There' (or any other Ashby film) I thought I would concentrate on 'Harold and Maude' and see if anyone else adores it as much as I do, and why?



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Saw it decades ago

Soundtracked by Cat Stevens

Without giving it away 

Absolutely shocked at the opening scene

thought I made a mistake going

Started laughing 5 minutes later and never really stopped

Black humour really works for me

Bud Cort never really made it big as an actor but I think Robert Altman used him in a film called Brewster McCloud shortly after HandM

Could be wrong about that

Might have to google it



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Yes spot on. I think the last film I saw Bud Cort in was Wes Anderson's 'The life Aquatic with Steve Zissou'.


I think casting Bud Cort alongside Ruth Gordon was a stroke of genius.


You are also correct about the opening scene...


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6 hours ago, extract said:

Been many years since i last watched this movie but i enjoyed it a lot, going to give this a rewatch one of these days. Another movie that lovers of this film would enjoy is https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0070510/?ref_=nv_sr_7


It's actually been many years since I watched Paper Moon and yes it is a wonderful movie.

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