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Gold Lion KT 77 tubes

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G'day all. I'm wanting to experiment with a bit of tube rolling. My amp came with Prima Luma EL 34s, which I find great. I have tried PM KT 120s, which were also very good, but they didn't leave me awestruck. I've heard that the Gold Lion KT77s are excellent in that they are more like the EL34s but on steroids, with a lower bottom end and a better top end. My main criteria is musicality and detail. With the PM HP, I don't have any need for more power.

I'm just wondering if anybody on Stereo Net has tried the KT77s and is willing to share some info.

My system is dedicated to vinyl and consists of,

Rega P8 TT with the Apheta2 MC cartridge,

Rega Aria phono stage,

Prima Luma Dialogue Premium HP integrated valve amp,

Lenehan ML2 reference speakers and stands,

Lenehan Foil Flex speaker cables and interconnects,

Rel T9 sub,

Quadraspire racking, Nordost power conditioner/power board etc.

Any info would be much appreciated. Cheers Warwick.

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I've used all three types - EL34, 6CA7 and KT77.  I don't care much for EL34s as I find that their mids are too exaggerated for me.  KT77s are more neutral IMO, while retaining the essential characteristics of valves.  You are correct, they do have better bass than EL34s.  I can't say whether they have a better top end as the top end of EL34s may be obscured by the prominence of the midrange.



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I'm a big fan of the EH 6CA7 because they are a good match for my unsophisticated taste in music, smoothing out the rough edges and leaving plenty of meat on the bone.

The GL KT77 is a more accurate allrounder and has a lot better definition of various bass sounds. Unless you like your treble with a bit of extra emphasis avoid partnering with bright sounding signal valves.

I think the KT77 would help fulfill your main criteria.

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I've had a quad of GL KT77s in my Weston amp for a few years.  I have always enjoyed, and highly recommend.  High Ip, although probably getting a bit tired now and out of whack.

Apparently JJ KT77s are pretty good from what I have read.

6CA7 recommended. 

Pass on EL34.

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