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FS: Elemental Watson II Headphone Amplifier

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Item: Elemental Watson II Headphone Amplifier
Location: Flemington, VIC
Price: $199
Item Condition: Excellent
Reason for selling: See below
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal
Extra Info:

Make and Model – Elemental Watson II Headphone Amplifier:

Barely used – mostly stuck with the solid state for the testing mentioned below.

Shipping or pick up can be determined when the sale is made.  

See below for more information.


After seemingly losing my Bose QC25 Headphones (they were behind the couch) I went on a search for a replacement and discovered Hi-Fi. However, sitting in shops for hours on end for testing wasn't working. 

I decided to buy (when on sale so I didn't lose too much on the resell) and do AB testing at home to find the sound signature that I liked the most, both for an everyday/out and about pair and a high-end at home pair of headphones, along with associated DAC/amps. This process has lasted approximately a year and I'm now selling off most of what I have.


None of what I'm selling are in and of themselves poor performers. If I'm selling any set of headphones or DAC/amps it's because I prefer a different sound signature.


I've done the hard yards and all headphones and amps I'm selling on StereoNet have been burnt in for at least 50 hours. For the most part the burn in process has occurred when playing throughout the day when I'm at work, rather than on my head (no comment on whether burn is a thing or not). Naturally they've all spent a number of hours on my head but have all been wiped down as per the manufacturer's instructions and are in essentially new condition unless stated otherwise under the make and model below. 

I cannot claim to be able to re-wrap/pack cables as good as those in the factory, and some items plastic protective films have been removed, but I can't remember those that have. They may have minor amounts of dust present no matter how hard I tired with physical and air dusters.


Is included in the price unless stated otherwise and anything with a battery cannot be sent via express post due to the battery. Anything without a battery will be sent via express post. 

If you choose to pick up directly, the price is the price and there will be no drop due to the item not having been posted (unless stated otherwise) - they're already wrapped and ready to go. Shipping is just within Australia. 

For express post items I can't guarantee next day delivery due to my working hours, but I will endeavour to get them to you ASAP.




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