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FS: [Bris] EOI Geek Pulse S Infinity DAC + LPS1

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Item: Geek Pulse S Infinity + LPS1
Location: Brisbane - Coorparoo
Price:  $1,000 + postage
Item Condition: Very good
Reason for selling: Funding an all in one DAC/streamer 
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, bank transfer
Extra Info: This is the top in the line for the Geek Pulse DACs and retailed for around $3,000 USD with the power supply. This unit has performed flawlessly and has the newest firmware. It does up to DSD256. Also if you use Roon it does some of the MQA unfolding too. Uses a 64bit volume control. This is up there with the best digital volume control I have heard. 1 of only 10 made


I have compared this to a few DACs.....

Cyenne 3100                                                                                       Audio Research CD6                                  Linn Akurate DSM, Majik DSM

Primare DAC 30, Pre 60                                                                    Rega Saturn R

Cambridge Audio 851N, Azur 851D and CXN, 752BD                  Geisler Grob

Oppo HA 1, 105D                                                                                Chord Mojo

Marantz HD DAC 1 and NA 8005                                                     Rotel RDD 1580

Rega DAC R                                                                                         Burson Conductor V2+


The Audio Research CD6 and Linn Akurate were nicer and the Grob was better by a slight margin but not enough for me to outlay even the bargain price of the Grob.  I like it more than everything else on the list and most by a considerable amount.


At the moment this is an EOI only depending on selling a fair bit of my other gear which has and will be posted.


Original ad


Another similar with good info



imageproxy (2).jpg

imageproxy (3).jpg

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