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FS: 1935 Epiphone Olympic archtop guitar


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Item: 1935 Epiphone Olympic archtop guitar  
Location: Sydney 
Price: $4K
Item Condition: Excellent for its age - obviously has some marks and playwear now that it is pushing 85 years of age, but no cracks or damage. The neck has been reset at some stage and the action and set-up are excellent. I think the guitar is otherwise completely original. 
Reason for selling: Gilchrist incoming 
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:
 Dating from 1935 it is therefore the same year as the Olympic used by David Rawlings, although being a little later in 1935 this guitar has a slightly larger lower bout, as these changed body size in 1935 (and again afterwards, getting progressively bigger). 


Comes with what looks to be a period cardboard (chipboard) case. 


It is a lovely little guitar and very comfortable to play. You don't really get vintage guitars in better original condition than this. 












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