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FS: Trafomatic Reference One Pre & EOS Power Amp

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Item: Trafomatic Reference One Pre Amp and Trafomatic EOS Power Amp
Location: Perth, WA
Price: $11,000
Item Condition: Excellent
Reason for selling: Pursuing other passions
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info: Trafomatic Reference Line One pre-amp in fantastic condition. Very moderate use since I purchased this in 2015. Has the optional phono input installed - which I've hardly used because I prefer my Electrocompaniet/Rega/Ortofon combination. Specifications available at the Trafomatic website here: https://www.trafomaticaudio.com/products/reference-one/?portfolioCats=14


Trafomatic EOS poweramp - this is a 100W per channel amp using KT120 tubes. It has seen only very moderate use since I purchase it in 2015. I love this amp, and will miss it dearly, however I am keen to pursue other passions. Specifications are available on the Trafomatic website here: https://www.trafomaticaudio.com/products/eos-power-amp/?portfolioCats=12


I have the original crates so shipping can be arranged (at the purchaser's cost). Auditions available for fellow Perth-ites.  RRP on this pair would be around the $25k mark.

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