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Item: Onkyo (integra) M588f/ P388f
Location: sydney
Price: $2990
+ Free postage!! PRICE DROP
Item Condition:Mint/ Excellent
Reason for selling: not needed
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


Hi Everyone. I have a set combo of Onkyo(integra) high end pre/power combo.

This is a true 240 volts interchangeable unit was sold brand new in sydney around 1994.


I am the second owner and this has been sparingly used by both of us.


where do i begin..the best combo of pre/power i have heard till date ..period.


If u may know the integra was a higer end of onkyo division producing some amazing components..and this is the holy grail of onkyo.The Power amp M588 sits just below the monster grand integra..and it can pump out 300watts of pure power each channel @ 4 ohms.!!


Soundwise it puts out a 3 dimentional engaging powerful sound. Extrememy detailed and natural. With the right set of speakers/sources..this would be end game for some.


The power amp uses the super balanced circuit design and twin monouaral design transformers! Massive amount of high grade capacitance/ balanced inputs/outputs, gold plated terminals and input rca!!

beautifully lit with meters lights

This beast weighs in at 32kgs+


Same applies to the matching pre amp. 3 transformers and high end massive capacitors, balanced inputs /outputs are some of the features.


All controls are at the tip of a touch..and also an Original R1 Remote is supplied which controls volume and other inputs.( will add pic later)


Everything works 100% with absolutely zero static or hiss... as if it just came out of the box. Inside and outside condition is LIKE NEW!

Not a single mark! On either units


If u look closely at the pics u may see some tiny threads..they are fabric strands from my silly cloth wiping skills.  


Both units are immaculate and a real oppurtunity for someone to own this classic combo for a fraction of the price.


These were 300,000 and 200,000 yen when they came out!! importing these from japan nowadays will set u back at least a solid 5000$

and then u need a step down transformer to run it..which is a pain!


These will be packed with extreme care as i have sent many items in the past with no issues.

8-9 layers of bubble wrap/ 2 layers of heavy duty cardboard/ shrink wrap/ pallet strap..this is how nicely it will be packed ! It will take a whole day for me to pack these babies..which is the only way i will be doing this!☺


Sorry for this long post but i think it is important to mention things as clear as possible.


Some info
























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2 hours ago, Phil sydney said:

If u look closely at the pics u may see some tiny threads..they are fabric strands from my silly cloth wiping skills.  



Can only see them due to the high quality of the pics! Amazing looking Units. The sockets on the Pre alone look in pristine condition and show what high end gear should look like.


GLWTS :thumb:

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