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I live in rural Queensland and can play my music as loud as I like, not that I play it loud all the time. My musical taste includes jazz, blues, rock reggae afrobeat, Latin, and other styles. I have about 3,000 Lp’s, most original pressings from labels such as Blue Note, Impulse, Verve, Island, EG, Celluloid, On-U-Sound, Ze, RCA, HMV and loads more. I am into engineers such as Rudy Van Gelder, Tom Dowd, Bill Laswell, Don Was, Adrian Sherwood, Bruce Botnick, I could go on. I also have about 800 mint 78’s, I have a switchable phono stage to get the best out of the range of eq’s that 78’s where recorded at, pre RIAA. I can help people with this area if anyone wants to know more about getting the best from 78’s. I am interested in buying something in the classified section, just don’t know how long it takes to be able to post in the classified section?


I don’t consider myself an audiophile, but maybe I am one in denial!

Kind regards


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It's always more enjoyable if you put music in front of hifi in your hobby.

Having a big collection of 300 LP is definitely a good path to enjoyment for ears.

Especially all the good labels in Jazz.

I think you are most fortunate to have a unrestricted environment to be able to play loud.

Whereas I am barred from playing loud because of a complaint from a neighbour who lives two blocks away from my house.

My other surrounding neighbours had been living comfortably with the level of loudness for the past 18 years and suddenly a new family rented a house behind the house of my immediate neighbour sent me a letter asking me to turn down the volume.

Habitually I start listening to my hifi from 8pm to 10pm every night after dinner without fail for the last 18 years.

This complainant said the bass is disrupting his sleep and requested me to start my hifi session earlier.

I am an 69 years old man who don't listen to rock, heavy metal or pop so don't really understand what he wants.

And he may not know that my preamp is not having those bass and treble control which the youngster can play around.

I am really envious to the freedom that you have for a good listening environment.



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Thanks for the reply. That sounds terrible. The only saving grace is that if they are renting, they may not be there for a long time. I’m ten years younger than you and I want to stay where I am as long as possible as if we downsize, I’m stuffed!

I really enjoy my late night listening, going for more atmospheric music later in the night. I love Gabor Szabo’s music, it is a real night time listen. I have all his Lp’s except the one disco inspired one, Faces. In the morning I start off with bop jazz or Frank, Ella, Julie London or other 50’s stuff. I have all original mono’s, I have a Miyajima Labs Zero cartridge, it is sublime. It can quickly morph in any direction from there! That’s the joy, I feel, in having a large collection. Yesterday I had a big blues session, JL Hooker, Slim Harpo, Otis Spann & Willie Dixon. Today it was James Brown up real loud! I take my dog for a real long walk in a beautiful environment early in the morning, music comes into my head and then get home and play the ones I have thought of. I am lucky that I do private consulting, mainly from home so can fit all this in and still make some money so not completely retired yet.

My system is not real high end, but am really getting interested in improving over the next few years. Two turntables, for mono I have a Jelco arm on one to change headshell from the Miyajima cart to my 78 Grado cart, not high end though so am thinking about a Miyajima 78 cart or going down the other route with a Shure stereo cartridge with a 78 stylus as there is a specialised Packburn eq/hiss/declicker unit that has a lot of promise to reduce surface noise off the 78’s but needs a stereo cartridge as it shifts from left to right side of groove favouring the surface with less noise. I want to try the Miyajima first though as the Zero really limits surface noise on monos so think it may do the same on 78’s. I’ll look around the forum to see if there are any 78 gurus out there!

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Welcome Eric.  From what you have indicated there are some very enjoyable listening sessions in your home! 


What preamp are you using for the 78 curves?  I haven't heard about the Packburn declicker, I did make an enquiry with someone who had an old declicker for 78s available, but he didn't end up selling to me as he was more keen for me to do digital declicking, and he said the hardware unit wasn't very good in comparison. 


Re Shure cart - the M78 cart isn't well-regarded as other 78 options, it went out of production a couple of years ago, you might be able to get a new old stock.  It's a stereo cart with a strap making it mono, the strap can be removed.  Many people feel that the Stanton 500 with 78 stylus is a better option compared to the Shure.  But these are lower-end compared to the Miyajima 78 and possibly the Grado 78 carts.


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Thanks for the reply, I am currently using a Graham Slee Revelation with his Elevator EXP step up. I use it for monos as well with a Miyajima Labs Zero in a headshell with a Jelco arm. I am picking up this week a Tron Convergence Mono that I am buying in Melbourne through StereoNET for the Miyajima so am going to have a dedicated 78 system in another room with a near field setup, which will help with the regular getting out of the seat! Think of the exercise!

Packburn Electronics in New York, model 325, it’s not digital. It needs a stereo cartridge as I described, but I made a mistake it is the Stanton 500 cartridge with a custom stylus many sizes available from Nuaks, I think they are in New York too. I’m not sure because the Miyajima Zero is pretty forgiving with surface noise so may try a cheaper Miyajima 78 model to see what that sounds like. I have a Grado 78E but it lacks the resolution I’m looking for. Do you have a 78 setup and is there any section of the forum for us? Have you read “Do not sell at any price” by Amanda Petrusich?

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