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FS: MONITOR AUDIO GOLD GX200 Speakers!! Like New

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Item: Monitor audio GX200 speakers
Location: sydney
Price: $2600 FREE POSTAGE!
Item Condition: Like New
Reason for selling: surplus
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:

Donation to stereonet upon Sale!


Beautiful pair of monitor audio Gold series

GX200 speakers


Gloss white hardly used ..less than 20 hours.

Immaculate like new condition!

Suit a new buyer.

All accesories spikes,covers and manuals



These speakers have excellent integration and refinement. They are amazingly made beautiful curved cabinets with lots of layers of laquer.


The imaging is outstanding as it uses the C-CAM ribbon tweeter and very rigid drivers for mids/bass.


These will be packed very professionally better than the stock packaging so it arrives safe n sound.

The RRP: was $6000 so asking a fraction of the price.


These elegant floorstanders combine twin 14cm bass drivers with a 10cm midrange and the new Ceramic Coated Aluminium/Magnesium (C-CAM) ribbon tweeter with considerable skill.


That tweeter, which uses technology from Monitor Audio’s well-regarded Premium PL series, works really well, reaching up to an impressive 60kHz.


The step forward over the previous generations is apparent the second you turn up the volume. The GX200 delivers high volume levels and a deep rumbling bass while still keeping the vocals clear and distinct.


High-end tech filters down
The revised drive units, with their rigid metal cones and improved motor systems, emanate a pure sound with rich dynamics that fill even quite large rooms with ease.


The smooth integration between the drivers is coupled with enviable refinement, too, which means that the GX200s produce a balanced sound no matter what type of music you listen to, whether it’s Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonataor the pumping beats of Major Lazer.


The GX200s’ strong bass performance, high volume capability and expansive soundstaging means they demand a decently spacious listening room.


They’re not particularly fussy about positioning when given a little space to breathe and just a small degree of angling towards the listening position, either. However, their easygoing nature has a price.

The GX200s also deliver in their luxury promise by being beautifully made. Their slim and elegant design comes in wood veneers such as Dark Walnut and Natural Oak, or high-gloss piano white or black.


The sleek look of the speakers makes them instantly desirable, and we think they’d look great in any modern space.


However, the design of the GX200 wasn’t created for aesthetics alone. The cabinet is internally braced and the attractively curved profile is constructed from multiple layers of MDF and uses extensive internal bracing to reduce vibrations and distortion. Both of these do their bit to help sonic purity, too.


Design touches are also functional
You’ll note from the picture that the front of the speakers is clutter-free. The drive-unit bolts have been banished, replaced by a clamping arrangement held from the back panel. This not only gives a tidier look, but helps with overall rigidity, too.















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Wow, where were these hiding the other day Phil?  They look awesome too.  


Too all....Phil's a champ.  Buy with confidence.  If he says they're beautiful, they're beautiful!


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