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SOLD: FS: Cressy lap steel guitar. Australian-made circa 1940s

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Item: Lap steel guitar w/ case
Location: Melbourne. Pickup Coburg or Macleod 
Price: $475 or best offer
Item Condition: old. Whatcha gonna do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
Reason for selling: not being used
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only. Happy to freight at buyers expense. PM me for a quote
Extra Info: I played this in various bands over about 8 years and it has sat mostly unplayed in my cupboard for the last 10 which is just a shame. My understanding is that it’s made in Australia in the 40s. There’s lots of marks and dings on it consistent with age. 


At one point the original pot crapped out so I rewired it with a modern pot and wiring etc (no idea what happened to the original knob, I don’t think I ever had it). I don’t think I did it properly because it doesn’t behave exactly like a volume control should but if you leave it wide open it still sounds damn good. I took the opportunity to rechrome the metal hardware (apart from the nameplate) because it was rusty and gross and I was doing some stuff with an electroplater. 


I’ve never known much about it but I recently found this sold listing http://www.justguitars.com.au/vintage-guitars-for-sale-classic-collectable-details/cressy-lap-steel-made-in-australia-circa-1940/459/ which obviously looks cooler but it’s the same thing.


the case is custom built (by me) for it and it’s great. It has happily survived many sticky-carpeted green rooms, smelly taragos and cold garages.




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