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Ceiling Speakers

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Hi .. I'd like some advice on dolby atmos ceiling speakers 


I have a dedicated theatre room (4.5x4.5m with high ceilings and

prewiring for a 5.1.2 setup.


I'm doing some research before committing to buying anything. 

I've been looking into speakers for dolby atmos but without sound

testing the different brands, I can't make up my mind 


I'm thinking of getting a denon AVR x4500h amp 

perhaps some paradigm monitor front and surround speakers 

I 'm still deciding on a subwoofer that can generate

'house shaking earthquake bass' (without causing too much 

of an earthquake in my bank account) 



I could go paradigm for the ceiling speakers but didn't want to limit myself .. 



Would any of you be able to recommend


1. Some quality ceiling speakers for dolby atmos that you've been happy with 


2. A brand/model of subwoofer that would be great for my size of room 


thanks in advance






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in HT system the most important is center speaker, second place fronts and subwoofer. Surrounds and ceiling speakers come after. When it comes to subwoofer a secondhand one or trade-in might be an option. You may also consider cheaper AVR $2000 + power amp.  

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Yes, LCR plus sub. Not sure what your budget is. Sonically I would go with one brand across the front three.  The surround channels are only for sound effects, not super critical. 


Try Krix for surround and in ceiling speakers, they do professional cinema sound setup/installations. So, they know their stuff and Aussie made.






For sub, if you have the coins, try dual subs. Bang for bucks, visit the classified section. Try the ported SVS subs. Eg. SVS PB2000. Can be had for around 800 bucks or so. 

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