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SOLD: FS: Jelco SA-750D tonearm, cable, Ammonite collar

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Item: Jelco SA-750D tonearm, JAC-501 phono cable, Ammonite Audio Jelco mounting collar
Location: Sydney North Shore or CBD
Price: $600 ono plus postage. Will consider separating if I get buyers for all parts.
Item Condition: Excellent
Reason for selling: NLR
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:

I have been using the Jelco 750D as a second arm on my Kuzma Stabi S, with only very light use. An opportunity came up to have all Kuzma, so the Jelco needs to go to claw back some funds. I had to pay a lot more to improve on its performance.


It has detachable magnesium headshell, oil damping, and VTA is adjustable via grub screw into the side of the shaft. These are a very well regarded tonearm, only just recently superseded. Used as OEM for many turntable brands (e.g. Transrotor, Orotfon etc). They are very popular in the second hand market and the asking prices seem to be going up, not down for some reason. It has both the standard and heavy counter weights, and a paper mounting template.  It originally retailed for about $700.






Also included in the sale is the upgraded Ammonite Audio tonearm collar, which are over $100 landed from the UK - this gives a much more stable grip on the tonearm, keeping it absolutely vertical. The original collar will also be provided. Finally, the Jelco JAC-501 tonearm cable to fit is part of the deal . It retails for $165. 


If I can find buyers for each piece I can separate: SA-750D $450, JAC-501 $95, Ammonite $70 all plus postage


Jelco has ended the production of the SA-750D to be replaced by the TS-550S at $1,050. The new model is near-identical in functionality however the price has increased by 40%. Also the TS-550S comes with the inferior HS-50 headshell instead of the HS-25 (magnesium) that comes with the SA-750, which means that the TS-550 does not offer azimuth adjustment.


Some marketing blurb "The Jelco 750 series of tonearms punch well above their weight. Nothing under $1200.00 including the various Rega tonearms come close to the performance. Jelco (Ichikawa Jewel Companny) has been quietly making OEM tonearms for many of the big names in analog audio. Their Japanese engineering is second to none (think Lexus). They made the famous Sumiko MMT and we believe the Linn Ittock II as well. Jelco makes their own jewelled bearings and other parts in house and are in complete control of quality."


Excellent tonearm, awesome performance for the money, needs to be used. Note, the cartridge is not included in the sale.

I don't have original packaging, but I can package very safely for postage.










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