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Counterpart Series 2...

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I watch all of series 2 via SBS 'On Demand'.

It concludes a lot of the story lines by the end of the series, but opens up others.

The sad thing is that the option of series 3 has not been taken up, and was announced just as the last episode was being aired, the production company is shopping it around to see if anybody will take it up.


It appears that this has stemmed from poor viewing numbers, which I suspect is because a large portion of the viewing audience of series one, was too dumb to be able to follow what's happening in series two once things got a bit more complicated.

I hope it does get picked up, it deserves to be.


This dropping of TV series leaving the story and viewers in limbo seems to happen all too frequently.

Two previous TV series that madden me when I think of them being dropped were both British TV series, and both dropped for the same reason, and that was that the way the BBC / Channel 4 is structured, their mandate is to foster new talent, so if it happens that a new TV series is a hit it doesn't mean it will continue past a second series, it will if history repeats, be dropped so the next new talent gets to have their TV series made.

'In the Flesh' was one of these brilliant series to suffer this fate of not making it past series two, and just at a pivotal  moment, this was due to the then BBC 3 having budget cut before it's demise as a televised channel.



Just as tragic was the none continuation of the British TV series 'Utopia' after series two, again left in limbo.


There is a respite of sorts, though I can't imagine it having anywhere near the originality of the script and production of the original, in that David Fincher was looking to do a remake of the Utopia series for HBO, but this fell through due to arguments about budgets.

Then recently Amazon picked up the rights and has ordered production of a nine episode first season remake........I hope they do the original justice, it's going to be a VERY hard thing to pull off.



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Finished Berlin Station, a bit silly at times, but entertaining, back to ep 2 of Counterpart series 2!

I’m into series 2 of Berlin Station. Series 1 was excellent but I’m starting to get the feeling there’s a bit of silliness creeping in.

I’m holding off on Counterpart so I can binge a few episodes.
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