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JVC x7900 - How critical distance from ceiling for cooling

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Hi all.


I see in the manual that it is recommended that the x7900 be mounted 150mm or more from the ceiling. With the Peerless PRG-UNV I have the maximum is about 125mm. I'd prefer not to hand it much lower if I can get away with it. The unit will be hanging from the ceiling in open space with no other framework around it.  Is the 25mm deficit likely to be an issue for cooling?  





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Hi bigkid,


This recently fooled me. If you read the manual its says a minimum of 150mm clearance to the TOP and sides. There is no minimum clearance to the underside of the PJ. Since the Peerless mounts to the underside of the PJ you can go as close as you want. 


I went as far as purchasing the 3 inch drop down to make sure I was over the 150mm. I was reflex ducking under it when I walked near it. ?


After seeing many other peoples installs being so close to the ceiling I went back and read the manual again before it clicked!

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