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SOLD: FS: Densen "Cast Amp" + Chromecast - REDUCED

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Item: Densen "Cast Amp" - Power amp + DAC + streamer
Location:   NSW 2257 - will post
Price:   $1,500  REDUCED TO $1,350
Item Condition:   Excellent - near new
Reason for selling:   NLR
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:   
Densen’s “Cast Amp” includes a 60w / 120w into 8 / 4 ohm stereo amp, a high quality DAC and is designed to be used as an “all in one system” when teamed with a digital streaming source such as a Google Chromecast Audio – which I have included in the sale. Use your phone as the control unit.   Or…..use any digital optical source with a volume control to drive it. 

Better still, it can be used “stand alone” as a power amp using the analogue RCA input and a normal preamp – which was how I was using it.

I believe this may be the only such unit in Australia, and it’s less than a year old and barely ben used.  In the attached link it’s priced in the UK at UKP 2,895which is over A$5,000!!

I purchased this direct from the Aus Densen importer, but in the end I was only using it as a power amp, so not really using its full capability. I ended up opting instead for a more powerful 200w / channel Class D power amp, so this Cast Amp is not being used.  That said, it’s a really wonderful sounding bit of kit – as you’d expect from Densen.

No box (as I got it) but I will package it well for transport.      $1,350 cost includes a near new Chromecast Audio puck, cables, postage, insurance and tracking inside Australia.  Price reduced from $1,500.










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2 hours ago, MultiplexMan said:

How do you select source with this amp? I am more interested in using it as a power amp for a single digital source.

See picture of the rear.   Bottom left there is a toggle switch marked "INPUT SELECT".    Up is "RCA Input", down is "Cast Input".      Use RCA Input if you want to use it as a Power amp and simply plug into the L/R RCA inputs.      

Switch to CAST input to add a single digital source using Densen's Optical input.  Eg: The Chromecast unit I have bundled with this gives it capacity to steam in Spotify etc using the optical unit, and your phone as the control unit.   In this mode the Densen acts a the DAC and amp, with your phone acting as volume control.

Or.....add a streamer such as Yamaha WXC-50 which can stream in pretty much anything to the Densen via its Optical out, and has a builtin preamp and also a remote.    

I have include a link to the Densen site where they outline more abou how the unit works.  Suggest you read that to get more detail - such as how to upgrade the DAC later it you want.

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