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Absorbtion panel. 1200mm x 2400mm

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Item: panels (big panel) soft fiberglass fabric cover.
Price: 140$
Item Condition: good
Reason for selling:
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:

two to pick from.. 

i have 1 panel. I bought three to try and calm reflections from harder internal walls. So far they have been a blessing. 


these are for ABSORBTION of mids and highs. 

if cut down and placed correctly(see pics) 

they create  a good 3d image. I really only need 1, but i will keep an extra incase.

the colour is light grey (concrete) . 


very light can be cut down with a bread knife. To any intended size.   Also great for putting on ceiling at first reflection point.. and side walls at first ref point. 


note: this is not a deflection panel.. it is absorbtion.
Pictures: below. Item is over one inch  thick fabric amd quality fiberglass.




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