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Preamp, tonearm, cartridge matching question

Guest hwnt

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I have a Denon DP-33F Turntable i have a fully upgraded ME25 Pre with MC Phono stage and want to know if a DL-301 MC Cartridge is any good for this setup?

I don't have the specs of the ME but he cartridge performs best on 300ohm load and with a low mass arm apparently.

Can anyone please let me know if this cart will be good in my system for i have come across one at a price im happy with..


TT specs

Drive method: direct drive

Motor: AC servo motor

Platter: 300mm, 1.5kg diecast aluminium

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: 0.015% wrms

Signal to noise ratio: 78dB

Tonearm: static balance type

Effective length: 220mm

Overhang: 16mm

Cartridge weight range: 5 to 9g

Dimensions: 450 x 403 x 140mm

Weight: 9.8kg


DL-301 Specs

Type Moving Coil Output voltage 0.3mV Frequency range 20Hz - 60kHz

Recommended Load impedance over 100 Ohms

Channel balance @ 1 kHz Less than 1.0 dB

Channel separation @ 1 kHz >28 dB

Stylus tip Special elliptical solid diamond with 0.07 x 0.14 mm rectangular cross section

Compliance 13 x 10-6 cm/dyne

RecommendedTracking force 14mN +/- 2mN(1.4g +/- 0.2g)


I read somewhere that the MC board of the ME25 the impedance is 500 Ohms


Will this cartridge work on my turntable?





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People seem to differ as the to magnitude of the effect of impedance matching, but I run a Van den Hul cart (500 Ohm recommended) and an OC9 (100 Ohm recommended), with my ME15 with MC board (sound wise it is equivalent to the ME25). With a I have a Jelco arm, which is of similar effective mass to the arm on your table, which is apparently 14g (though effective mass seems to to be a rubbery figure which varies according to who you ask.), and find the varied compliance of my carts are well catered for and sound great. I say that if you can get a good deal on the DL301, go for it. If you are considering others, the mid range Audio Technica carts like the PT33 and OC9 would be likely to work well with your table and preamp.

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