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Item: Partington Broadside Speaker Stands 60cms
Location: Artarmon Sydney
Price: No longer for sale.
Item Condition: Excellent except for one corner which has been damaged by courier, easily fixed with blu tack. 
Reason for selling: New speakers require light stands
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash


Extra Info:  Partington Broadside stands rarely come up for sale and these improved the bass and imaging on my old Lenehan ML1 Reference speakers.

The centre pillars are filled with 7.5kg of Atacama Atabites (cost $200) and the four support pillars are filled with kiln dried sand.  I never thought I would be selling these and they will represent an excellent buy for someone looking for stands which will improve performance and look stylish (IMO).  This price is a substantial saving since the stands are pre-assembled and not able to be flat packed they cost a lot to transport to Australia.


The stands have some sort of rubber isolation which works really well and bettered my Herbies Fat Dots which I tried as a comparison.  I don't have the boxes and as the stands are very heavy I will require pickup from my house.


These stands received 5 stars from both What Hi-Fi and TechRadar.  Partington did change the little metal support cones to some sort of softer compound.

 Review from Techradar:


Audio improvements

Larger speakers firm up and gain extra definition, while smaller models suddenly discover an extra half-octave of extension that before was only hinted at. What we hadn't quite predicted was the extent to which the rest of the band improves at the same time.

Extra little details suddenly appear in the midrange and treble, while images seem distinctly more precise than previously. It's also worth experimenting with different supports between the top of the stand and the speaker: Partington supplies little metal support cones, but a thin compliant layer (strips of neoprene sheet) also gave us good results.


From Audio Affair:


The Broadsides have won plaudits and awards from almost every hi-fi magazine and What Hi-Fi? magazine even said "the latest are the best of the lot".

Built using laser profiled panels, with 1 inner and 4 outer tubes. These classy stands are the ultimate audiophile choice, the crème de la crème, at a price that wont break the bank. The Broadsides are incredibly rigid with a clever design that is very effective in dispersing vibrations. Sonic improvements for your speakers include a better soundstage and stereo image, revealing the true potential of your speakers.

Are my speakers big enough?

We've used these stands with slightly larger bookshelf speakers from Monitor Audio,  Bowers and Wilkins, KEF (e.g. Q300, R300), Dali (e.g. Zensor 3, Opticon 2), ATC (e.g. SCM 11, SCM 19), ProAc (e.g. D2, DB1), etc. These are all only a few examples though, they'll work just as well with any other "slightly larger than usual" bookshelf speakers.


Fillable for better bass


You can fill these stands. Filling them improves their sound deadening ability (effectively removing any slight "ringing" that can affect the sound quality on non-fillable stands) and this allows you to "adjust" the level of bass response in your room. When they're fully filled bass response will be at its maximum, so we always recommend filling them only half way, listening and then re-filling (and adjusting their position slightly if necessary) until you're happy with the sound and bass response in your room


What HiFi review


Partington has recently reworked the bottom plate and upped the price of our longtime favourite to £300. That's all the excuse we need to have another listen.

They're still monumentally heavy pieces of ironwork; the looks are still defiantly workmanlike; and they're still far-and-away your best choice at this money.

There isn't a standmounter on the market that won't benefit from being parked on these. The improvements to the sound are immediate and considerable.

In every case, speakers offer greater detail, greater scale and greater clarity of expression.

While £300 may seem a lot of money to spend on stands - especially such industrial looking ones - in the case of the Dreadnought Broadsides it's

worth it.











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