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8 LPs of Hawkwind: 1972 - 1980

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Item: A collection of 8 Hawkwind LPs, including 5 imports
Location: Melbourne Western Suburbs
Price: $240 for all 8
Item Condition: excellent/ VG+ (discogs rating) for all except 2. See notes for LP and cover condition. The worst you'll get is occasional pops or surface noise except for whooshing as described on Hall of the Mountain Grill.
Reason for selling: surplus
Payment Method: Cash, Paypal (including by phone), Bank Deposit.

Delivery: face to face in Melbourne CBD, or by Australia Post about $25 + $3 for sign on delivery
Togetherness: selling as one lot

Satisfaction: will provide money back if not satisfied. If you're worried, check my reputation before buying.

Photos: to come

Warrior on the Edge of Time

1975 Atco US Pressing SD 36-115.

The cover would be excellent if not for a 1cm notch cut in the bottom of the cliff. The spine is clean and there's no ringwear, nice thick cardboard too, so this copy feels great in the hand.  The album inner has artwork including photo of the band and more "warrior" artwork. The disc is the yellow Atco label. LP surface is clean on both sides except what in some light looks like an abrasion mark on track 1 side 1 but which can't be because it doesn't affect playing or sound. The entire album plays clean, grade "Excellent" or VG+. This is a very good example of the famous album that caused Hawkwind to be heralded in some quarters as an alternative to Pink Floyd. Actually, it's good evidence that they were always listening to the competition and then putting their own flavour on it. Essential cornerstone LP of any Hawkwind collection.


Space Ritual

1973 United Artists US pressing UA-LA120-H2

"Recorded Live at Liverpool Stadium and Brixton Sundown". If you've never quite "got" Hawkwind, this is where it all comes together. This double LP contains some superb extended jams from a band that rocked hard, was tight, and delivered rockier jams than most of the competition - this is not the Grateful Dead. In case you were wondering, this is Lemmy-era Hawkwind and he gets a vocal credit. The cover is the famed foldout, in this copy a notch has been taken out of the bottom left-hand corner which turns into a diamond-shaped hole when the full foldout is done. Spine is clean and there's no ringwear. Condition of the vinyl is excellent. The starting point of any Hawkwind collection.



1975 United Artists UAK 29919 UK pressing gatefold UK pressing

Compilation of singles and album tracks from 1972 to 1975 notable for including the withdrawn single "Urban Guerilla" as well as tracks from Doremi Fasol Latedo and Warrior on the Edge of Time. Gatefold photo is of the band live, showing their famed light show but not Stacia Blake in her glory. "Dedicated to... Michael Moorcock". Vinyl has some surface noise and is VG.Cover is Excellent/ VG+.


Quark, Strangeness and Charm

1977 Sire Records US pressing SRK 6047

Includes the inner sleeve with the note to their fans about "last year was the worst year for us" and various band firings etc. The cover has a 10mm x 3mm notch out of it.  A more relaxed Hawkwind who are enjoying the New Wave and while the lyrics aren't quite the novelty song silliness of Donovan's Intergalactic Laxative there's a light touch and some fun here, as well as fine tunes that sneak up on you, such as "Spirit of the Age". Sire's big seller in 1977 was the Talking Heads and, enjoyably, this album contains some of that same rhythmic approach. The cover would be VG+ if not for that notch. Like most US imports, this album feels substantial in the hand.  The record is excellent, VG+ discogs rating.


Hawklords 25 Years On

1978 Canada Charisma  9211-4014

Includes the printed inner sleeve. An excellent New Wave album.  Vinyl is VG+/ excellent. Cover has a small hole punched in the top left hand corner, otherwise excellent, call it VG. The review on discogs says " The music is perhaps as far removed from the generic Space Rock the band would ever get, these tracks being tightly arranged pieces more in tune with New Wave of the time rather than the band's history. Lyrically this is Calvert's most diverse dealing with themes such as telepathy ("Psi Power"), sky diving ("Free Fall"), Australian drug misuse ("Flying Doctor"), heroic bravery ("The Only Ones") and espionage ("The Dead Dreams Of The Cold War Kid"). There's a light-hearted playfulness to these tracks..."  


Hall of the Mountain Grill

1979 US Import UA LA 328G

Includes the inner sleeve with photo of the Mountain Grill restaurant. The cover has the substantial card typical of US imports and again I must report some scissor-work, this time a corner cut off the top left-hand corner of what would otherwise be a very attractive clean cover.  This LP is a collection of live tracks from Hawkwind 1974 and some would suggest it's to cash in on Lemmy's growing fame but the album is better than that, the songwriting is very good. This LP plays throughout with no scratches or pops but there's a persistent "whoosh" under many tracks due to the vinyl having been damaged by a mould or residue. It's been glued, ultrasonically cleaned, and sterilised, but this is a C grade because of how the vinyl looks and whooshes.



1979 Australia Charisma "Mad Hatter" label 9124 041

The rear cover is the rare uncensored version. It has the statement " "H.M. Govt. Health Dept' WARNING: THIS WIRING CAN SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH" but doesn't hide or delete the wiring diagram. The songs on this album date from late 1977 and early 1978 and it's a really good punk album that should be included in the discussion of bands that took the best of the UK punk movement and added their own flavour, in this case some serious melodic chops.  One of the virtues of UK punk was that bands did their own thing, and in hindsight Hawkwind's problem was that punk writers didn't really want to class Hawkwind with the Buzzcocks and other doing-our-own-good-thing bands of the oncoming New Wave. But anyone listening past the fashion will find this a very good album. The vinyl sound is excellent/ VG+ although the vinyl condition looks VG due to plastic bag rippling which fortunately I have got to in time.  The cover is excellent/ VG+.  (No-one with scissors has got anywhere near this, by the way.)



1980 Australia Bronze Records  L 37498

This is the album with Ginger Baker on drums. He was brought in as a session musician and by the time the album went to press the band wanted Ginger to join Hawkiwind permanently.  His drumming has a supple rhythmic touch which provides a light counterpoint to the dystopian flavour of the songs. Some good melodies on this album and bonus points for "World of Tiers" in the same way that "Damnation Alley" off Quark, Strangeness and Charm deserves props. The vinyl shows some slight ripple effect under some light but it doesn't affect the sound, and a couple of needledrop pops can be heard in the lead-in silence between two tracks, so VG. The cover has a crease in the top, so G.

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@ThirdDrawerDown Its been a while since I have seen a hawkwind collection.  I have just returned to Vinyl but haven't cleaned off my Hawkwind collection as yet.  I look forward to listening to it all again, it has been about 30 yrs since I terrorised the neighbours with Hawkwind at decent listening levels.  The live albums they released were a great counterpoint to the studio albums and showed what a phenomenal band they were.  GLWS 

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