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Assistance with Room Acoustic Measuring on the Gold Coast.

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Hello all,


As I have said previously on the forum my main listening room in the house we just moved into sounds pretty bad, so I was wondering if there is anyone at or around the Gold Coast who has some room acoustic measuring software and gear that would be interested in measuring my listening rooms frequencies and reflection times etc?  The room is very bright and has a lot of high frequency reflections that make the room ring like a bell almost.


After reading what I have just written chances are anyone who knows about room acoustics has figured out I actually know nothing about it. Anyway if there is someone local who would be interested I'd like to have a chat with you if convenient. 


cheers Terry


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The basics are pretty easy Terry, I could bring my laptop along to our upcoming GTG and we could do a few room sweeps if you'd like.  Treating the room once you've worked out what the issues are can be much more problematic.  


Can you cover the walls with icicle foam and the floor with nice thick rugs or are you more spouse-ally limited in your options?

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