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Quick Review: Devialet Phantom Reactor

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Early stage review of my Reactor 900, from someone who's owned Phantom Silver for close to 4 years, and a pair of Phantom Golds for over 1 year. I got my Reactor last night so I've had about 4 hours of listening. 

I switched between a single Phantom Silver and Reactor repeatedly, using Apple Airplay, and the reactor is NO WAY as good. It's WAY OFF a single Phantom Gold too. 


  • Impressive bass for its size.
  • Fills the room really well.
  • Sounds good for music I like to listen to while working --- ambient electronic.
  • Cute --- it looks like my threesome has had a love child. 


  • Thin midrange - so not great for music I'd listen to at home --- modern classical, jazz. 
  • Loses resolution at close range: best enjoyed at several metres. 
  • Tricky to work out how to reset when installing at a different site (I eventually worked it out)

I bought it for my office, so I've got something to listen to while working, and it's fine for that purpose. For the money, no doubt I could have bought better sound --- but I'm quite attached to the Devialet brand, and figured I could resell at little loss at this stage if I decided I didn't like it. For the time being, I'm keeping it. 


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Great review, particularly given your familiarity with the brand. I have to admit the love child spawned from a Devialet Gold and Silver threesome made me genuinely laugh! LOL!


I was looking at a pair of Phantom Reactors for our bedroom, but given my better-half is particularly sensitive to new HiFi popping up in strange places I went with a pair of white Keff LX's. Overkill for something that sits on both of our night-stands and performs back-ground listening duties, but great to have when I'm putting away a ton of newly washed clothes and I can turn-up the latest Fabric release just that bit louder.


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2 hours ago, Sir Sanders Zingmore said:

Can they do stereo yet ....?

Nope. Based on 8 hours of solid listening at work just now, it honestly doesn't matter for background listening purposes. The dispersion is excellent ---- and I'm not listening for soundstage here. 


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