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SOLD: ACROLINK 7N-DA2090 Reference Interconnect

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Item: Acrolink 7N-DA2090 Speciale 1.5m XLR interconnect
Location: Melbourne
Price: Withdrawn 
(new $3,000)

Item Condition: Very Good (2 years old)
Reason for selling: Upgrading
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info: The Acrolink 7N-DA2090 Speciale anniversary is a high end interconnect as compared to the Siltech Double Crown and the Tara Labs Grand Evolution ($20k cables) in this review


"The Speciale offers beautifully saturated or even super-saturated colors and large, dense phantom images. Regardless of the album and the type of recording. For example, the vocals on the wonderful Tremors by Sohn (electronica and processed vocals) had a physically tangible "weight" that manifested in energizing the air in the room, in a large volume and in occupying a considerable space between the speakers. Something that is highly sought after both by music lovers putting their hope in vinyl and those into tube equipment."


"The anniversary cable is more energetic and has a better extension. Hence, the Speciale now becomes part of my reference system, until I find something that's clearly better and that won't ruin me. It may take some time, though. For now, I am completely satisfied."


This rare 1.5 metre length set of cables comes in the original double box (see photos).


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Withdrawn from sale
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