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Is my amplifier compatible with my speakers?

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My gear

amp: Behringer KM750 that gives 200Watts@8ohm or 400Watts@4ohm

speakers: 4X12 RECTO SLANT CABINET 240 Watt. 8 Ohm Mono / 4 Ohm Stereo


It doesn't say(or I don't understand) how many watts are needed for 8 ohm or 4 ohm for the speakers.  free netflix The specifications just say "combined power capacity 240 watts."

Can I use this amp to power these speakers?  tech news if so should I run 200Watts@8ohm using the single 8ohm input in the cabinet and the 8ohm mode in the amplifier or 400Watts@4ohm using the two 4ohm inputs in the cabinet and the 4ohm mode in the amplifier?


Last thing I want to do is fry my equipment and I'm okay using mono or stereo sound.

my chain:

guitar -> PODHD500x -> km750 -> recto cabinet

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It is not telling you how much power is "needed" ..... it is telling you what the maximum power you can give to the speaker is (before the speaker breaks).


Your amplifier is just the right size .... as even if you turned it up full, it wouldn't make too much power to hurt the speaker.


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It will 'work' but two things spring to mind. First, guitar tone is often determined by the amp and how it overdrives, distorts and compresses. A pro power amp might not be the best solution (it most likely isn't). Secondly a 4x12 guitar cab is going to be very efficient and even a smallish tube head (20-50W) is going to be able to play off stage, unassisted with a typical rock band with ease in a typical hotel etc venue.

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