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SOLD: FS: Burson Soloist Headphone Amp

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Item: Burson Soloist
Location: Bellfield, Vic
Price: 450 shipped
Item Condition: 8/10, some scratches on left panel towards rear, only just discovered after someone asked ? see last photo
Reason for selling: funding speaker upgrade :D
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal
Extra Info: Purchased from Addicted to Audio quite a few years back, not used much at all due to me being more of a speaker guy. Works fantastic as a pre-amp as well, drove my little active Genelecs with plenty of authority. Puts out 4w, and based on what heaps of people have said they pair very well with orthos/planars, especially the Audeze LCD series. Drives pretty much everything! I paired it with my HD800 and was pretty happy. 3 gain settings, the lowest worked well with my IEMs. Very versatile unit with lots of features. 

Original packaging was discarded while moving, will give preference to local buyers who are able to pickup. Will consider shipping it it comes to that. 

Some info & reviews:









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Discovered some scratches on right panel near the rear
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