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Great system cooling fans


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I bought a pair of USB powered AC Infinity 120mm fans the other day from Amazon for $44.20 delivered, they are a joined pair that can have more added, with an inline speed switch attached. They only need to be on low speed and they can’t be heard at all from normal distance. Unfortunately I can’t place both of them flat on top for the pre, but they are doing the job of keeping heat away from the HDMI board on the 8805 (known in older models to die from heat, so making sure)

But yeah, all the heat  back there is practically gone, so money well spent. I just plug them into the 5v usb on the back of the 8805, so at least they turn on and off with the pre. 

They have a 67,000 hour life and are stupidly well made. 




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I run a pair of 120mm PC fans on the rear of my cabinet  (cutout was required) drawing out all the heat from the Marantz  - cost nothing as plenty of them around from old PCs - used Noctua but had a few brands to choose from. Silent to the ear.

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Guest Muon N'
5 minutes ago, Sime V2 said:

@Muon N' I’m actually impressed at how nice they are. 

I was thinking they are comparable to the equivalent Noctua, but  then I noticed one was stated in cubic foot per minute, and the other in cubic meters per hour. Very big difference there!

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54 minutes ago, Muon N' said:

@rmpfyf  Also look good, the AC's Simon grabbed seem to perform a tad better, if all these spec's are accurate.


It's close though :thumb:


AC Infinity are a gold standard. TOTL no question. Silenx a bit quieter (splitting hairs) though they don't package quite as nicely.


That AC Infinity kit is super nice.


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