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SOLD: FS: Musical Surroundings Nova II phono (silver)

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Item:  Musical Surroundings Nova II phono stage (silver)
Location: Sydney North Shore or CBD
Price:  $925 ono posted
Item Condition:  Near mint - very little use
Reason for selling:  NLR, moved to a dual input phono
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


I purchased this brand new from Absolute Hi End in April last year, so it is less than a year old. Its use has been intermittent, and low, as I only used it for my MC cart. It took me while to get that MC set up properly, and I only use it when i am sitting down for a listening session, so it is very low use. I use my MM cart to a Vincent phono the rest of the time. However, I got sick of looking at the mess of cables and boxes for the two phonos, so have moved to a single phono with dual inputs. The rrp  of the Nova II was $1,750.


When i did use this phono it was exceptionally quiet. It is battery powered with  trickle charger, so you can run with the mains connected, or off pure battery power for the quietest setting. The sound was much better than the Vincent, and also much better than the phono in my Luxman 507ux when I had it. It is just clear, transparent sound, no edge and no bloom. The way I like it.


Very, very good value for money performance, had to pay considerably more to both beat it and have dual inputs. I have moved on to the Goldnote PH-10 with external psu - the PH-10 by itself was only marginally better as far as I could tell, and even then I wasn't completely sure. The psu really split them up though.


I have original packaging so postage isn't an issue.


Some reviews (spoiler alert - they like it a lot!)














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Price reduction and will include postage
I'm amazed it's still for sale, very rarely see this model and excellent phono for the $$!
Battery power phonos are well worth hearing for the benefits they offer.
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