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Musical Fidelity M1 CLiC advice

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Good evening all! I am slowly constructing a nearfield system in my study, a third system in which i intend to repurpose an old M1 CLiC as a streamer from my NAS as the principal source.  Better than the older Cambridge Audio Sonata NP30.  I have managed to source some well regarded bits from a more longstanding SNA member (thanks so much to him!) which are going to make my study a most attractive place to be listening.


So my question - does anybody have any current experience of this old MF device and have an opinon on the best iOS app to use to interact with it. The remote is a little clunky by comparison to an iOS interface (works, but less elegantly than more modern interpretations of a user interface), but when it used to be part of my main system I found no luck in being able to identify an app to use that was even remotely helpful.  And after that I flipped to Bluesound Node 2 with an outboard DAC as a solution in my two other rooms.


If you have any pointers to help me wend my way through Linn, Pro-Ject, etc it would be highly appreciated.

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