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FS: RCA to XLR converter

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Item: RCA to XLR converter
Location: Melbourne
Price: $350 + $10 post Aus wide
Item Condition: Used, Excellent condition
Reason for selling: NLR
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


Up for sale is a RCA to XLR converter.

This was used when I was bi-amping my two Classe amplifiers. Ie integrated for highs and mids and 2nd amplifier for bass. Worked an absolute treat!



XLR source -->integrated <High/mids> --(XLR Converter) --> Power amp <lows>


The integrated only had RCA out, Hence the RCA to XLR converter. I believe from memory it had 6db+- gain either side via the knob.


Paid $700 less than 12 months ago and built by Dallas Clarke in Melbourne (Formally was Classe service person for Melbourne). Quality connections and cables were used for the build to match classe build quality.


Selling because my system has changed and it is no longer required.









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