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SOLD: FS: NAKSA 70 Power amp

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Item: Naksa 70 Power amplifier 
Location: Carnegie VIC or West Melbourne
Price: $480+Postage - Open to reasonable offers. 
Item Condition: Very Good
Reason for selling: NLR-DIY my own amp
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info: Purchased off @~Spyne~ mid last year see link

Built by @AKSA himself this amp really is amazing. Dynamic with a touch of warmth & very enjoyable. That bit of warmth in the lower mids really does make you just sit back and enjoy the tunes and not worry about the merry go around of upgrading.

This amp has power 70w /8ohms is more than enough to drive most speakers. Sounded great with buffer pre and also worked really well with a 10K stepped attenuator. It also has a hole behind the badge so you can add a volume pot to make it a single input integrated amp.


it has a 26K input impedance


GREAT bang for ya' buck amp. Best upgrade if you have a  Mid range & budget amps from overseas. 


You can read more on the Naksa http://www.aksaonline.com/products/products_NAKSA70.html

Darko review: https://darko.audio/2010/10/naksa-70-power-amplifier-module/


Pictures: To come.

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