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Hi from BMC High Fidelity

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BMC High Fidelity (or BMC HiFi for short) is new to StereoNET. We are now an official Retail Partner to StereoNET and we simply wanted to introduce ourselves and tell you a little bit about us.


BMC High Fidelity is a boutique shop in Burwood VIC, an eastern suburb of Melbourne. We are an integral part of the Burwood Music Centre, along with the live recording studio's. We specialise in quality hand-picked traditional hi-fi components and systems, as well as leading-edge home theatre. We love custom installation assignments, making your dream come to reality. We carry some of the world’s best brands. Our main theatre demonstration room is aptly named "The Maven Room". We have a large selection of 4K projectors and screens as well as ultra-high resolution sources and can demonstrate unique products, not on display anywhere else in Victoria.


We carry many of the world’s leading brands. They include the luxuriant Brodmann loudspeakers from Vienna, Austria, Perreaux amplification from New Zealand and one of the best sounding digital music libraries in the world, Melco Audio from Japan.


For home theatre enthusiasts, we have on demonstration projectors from Barco, Sony and BenQ and designed to match your room, screens from Screen Innovations, Screen Technics, Elite Screens and of course Stuart Filmscreen.


Have you seen the 4K Kaleidescape movie system as yet? This is the only Hollywood approved system that allows you to own a blockbuster 4K movie at or better than Blu-ray quality. The ease of use makes this a must see.


Book an appointment and experience it for yourself.



Phone: 03 8683 9910


Our Core Brands:

Melco Audio

Brodmann Acoustics



Barco Residential



Screen Innovations

Screen Technics

Stuart Filmscreen

Elite Screens









Elan Control Systems

Oppo Digital

Vienna Acoustics

Martin Logan








Les Davis Audio

Sonitus Acoustics

Screen Science


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7 hours ago, Jono Dorset said:

Welcome along. Nice range of products you have there. 


*Stewart Filmscreen


Thanks Jono, 

yes, we have some of the worlds best home theatre brands on demo, inc Kaleidascape, Barco, Sony etc. For 2 channel we have Melco, Brodmann and Perreaux. Cheers!

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6 hours ago, davewantsmoore said:



Maybe not the right thread for it... but I'm confused - I can only see tweeter(s) on these speakers.  Where are the cones hiding?   (Can you throw us a link?)

Hey Dave, thanks.

This may help, see http://www.brodmannspeakers.com.au/ (front page) the embedded youtube video explains a lot, inc the design philosophy. 

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